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Leisure and entertainment

We recommend that you visit the following places of interest in Vyksa and the Nizhny Novgorod Region.

Places of interests in Vyksa

The following monuments of industrial, civil and church architecture dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries can be found in Vyksa:

  • mansion and master house of the Batashev family (18th century);
  • hunting lodge of the Batashevs in the settlement of Doschatoe;
  • buildings by the famous architect V.G. Shukhov located at the premises of the metallurgical plant;
  • Church of the Nativity of Christ, an architectural monument of the 18th century;<
  • city park of the 18th century with the lake Lebedinka, set out in the classic tradition of the Russian topiary art, and
  • regional folk museum.

Excursions to Murom and Diveyevo Hermitage

The proximity of the ancient town of Murom and famous Diveyevo Hermitage with its monasteries – a place of pilgrimage for many Russians – creates additional interest in Vyksa.

We will be pleased to organize a tour for you to these unique places.

Достопримечательности г. Муром Достопримечательности г. Муром